Candle Of The Month

Enjoy all the benefits of a Karys Layne Candle being delivered to you door monthly with one simple click - it is our reminder for you to take time for yourself. When you subscribe, a different 14 oz scented candle will be delivered to your door every month - for a flat fee of $65.00  - Taxes and Shipping included! (Canada and U.S. only). You choose the first candle, and we surprise you with the rest.

Your surprise candle will either be from the Classic Collection or the Crystal Collection. You can cancel anytime!  

These candles are hand made in Canada.  Attention has been put into every detail of the creation - carefully selected soy wax, fragrant oils, and crackling wooden wicks come together to create an unforgettable soothing experience.

Enjoy this monthly gift to yourself - as a reminder to take time for you.

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