Crystal Champagne Abstract Painting (2018)
Crystal Champagne Abstract Painting (2018)Crystal Champagne Abstract Painting (2018)Crystal Champagne Abstract Painting (2018)
$3,200.00 CAD

One of a kind painting created by Sheri Lux


Contains healing crystals to attract: Confidence - Harmony - Prosperity - Courage - Abundance


    The healing crystals included in this one of a kind painting are the following: Blue Tiger's Eye * Clear Quartz * Smokey Quartz * Goldstone * Citrine * Blue Lace Agate * Gold Tiger's Eye * Pink Tourmaline

    • Acrylic Paint
    • Metallic Accents
    • Healing Crystals
    • 48" x 96"
    • Gold Frame

    This painting can be viewed at Rochdale Roca House in Regina.


    This painting can be crated and delivered anywhere in Canada for a flat fee of $700. For crate & delivery worldwide please inquire at

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